A Virtual Holiday Greeting

For as long as I can remember we have handcrafted a Christmas card. Every year we vow to start in July next time and every year we end up starting in November. It’s a process and when the kids were little I would find a way that each of them could contribute. I remember one year I gave them each a stack of blank cards, a glue stick and a baggie of precut paper pieces to construct cards in the car during the 14-hour drive to Disney World over Thanksgiving break. I am pretty sure that was the last year that Zach had anything to do with card making. Being held prisoner in the back seat of the van with his sisters, gluing decorative paper while Mickey Mouse carols played on a cassette tape cured him of any card making desires for life. Mallory also made her crafting exit a few years later but was drawn back in during high school as she developed a talent for graphic design and photography. It was good timing for me as Erinn, who has always loved the process, took off for college and wasn’t around to help.

A year ago, when we started to downsize and pack up for this transition, all the craft supplies went into storage. This created a problem for making Christmas cards. I don’t have the space for crafting in the apartment nor the supplies, but I had to find a way to carry on my joy and tradition in making a card. In the spirit of minimalism and conservation, I decided to use only what I had readily at my fingertips. I rummaged through the recycle bin and put together some simple cards from cardboard and newspaper. My first attempt at a star, made from glue and sawdust collected from the house, flopped. So I went to the storage unit and was just able to reach my scrapbook tote which holds paper and doodads from previous holiday cards and projects. I fashioned a tree and stump. It needed some bling so I added a little glitter and sawdust for snow to the bottom. I used all the cardboard in my recycle bin at the time, counted the cards and made a list. I had fewer to send this year, but I guess that is fitting anyway.

Here’s a look at our little card. It’s actually one of my favorites.

Happy Holidays to you all!DSC_0009


Image 2