Patrick and I met at Virginia Tech in 1980.  He was my crew chief on the rescue squad.  We became fast friends and eventually fell in love (Go Hokies!)  In 1986 we were married and began our life in Richmond, VA.  For the first several years our family consisted of the two of us and four cats. We moved around a lot, exploring different areas of the city and surrounding counties. I taught school and Patrick worked in a research lab at McGuire Veteran’s Hospital.  In 1990 Patrick acted on his dream of becoming a physician and entered medical school at the Medical College of Virginia.  By the time he had completed his residency we had lost a few of the cats but added three precious children to our family.  We spent a few years in Charlottesville for a fellowship program in Immunology and Allergy and then returned to the area. We settled in a large surrounding county where our kids would have vast educational and athletic opportunities.  After a dozen years there and approaching the empty nest, we began to ask one another: “What’s next for us?”  We agreed that we needed a significant change, something new, just for us as a couple.  We considered, and looked at, numerous parcels of land in the country.  But they never felt just right.  Eventually, after long drives, long conversations and long lists of priorities we decided to move back to the city.  Our marriage started in the Museum District and our first home purchase was on a large, corner lot in the Westover Hills neighborhood where our kids spent their early childhood.  With fond memories of our city life in mind, we launched the search for a place to call home for rest of our lives.  We found it on a beautiful corner lot in the Museum District.  That’s what this blog is about…the next step, changing courses, shifting corners.

My given name is Margaret Anne but I go by my initials.  I love cats and dogs, sweet white wine and milk chocolate.  I love to refinish and paint furniture and get excited when I can repurpose a thrift store find.  I’d rather be at the beach, especially the Chesapeake Bay, than anywhere else!  I love to search for sea glass and take long walks with my dogs (Luci and Shelly) and good friends.  I have a strong faith and believe that God has directed us along this life journey.

Patrick is an allergist and loves his work.  His passions are singing with a men’s a cappella group and searching for Virginia’s Historical Markers.  The kids call it “History on a Stick” and Patrick has been photographed in front of about one-third of the 2100 markers.  He is a conservationist and is committed to protecting the environment.


Thanks for reading.  We hope you will share our journey by finding something you have in common with us.


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